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5th IAG Qualification Run (10k No. 217)

Nothing to complain at these excellent weather conditions - and some participants used that for a (completed) 10k comeback: Petr after 12 months, G√ľnther after 29 months, Upali after 36 months. Congratulations to all who did a PR or finished our 10k for the first time ! VICRunners President Steve Edminster watched the race and was impressed by the performances. Great timing by J & J !

25th Annual Donaupark Run (10k No. 219)

Matthew MURRAY improved his own VIC record by 16 seconds.
Newcomer of the year: Takehiko KUNO with an excellent time in his first run with the VICRunners immediately jumping to rank 7 in our top 100.
Martin CRIJNS joined again after 1 year and took the seniors' gold medal.
Junior Arian LEHNER did not stop after the second lap but did the full 10k - congratulations to him and to all others who joined for the first time !

Autumn Mile (Mile No. 80)

Thank you to Matthew who showed us how to properly warm up before a race. Stephen had liked his farewell run two weeks ago so much that he showed up for another one today before leaving to Brussels. "Charlie" Chayama joined the IAEA again and did his first run with us after more than 10 years - welcome back !

3rd Run-Bike-Run

A small but very determined group met on the Donauinsel this morning. Swimming was not possible (red flag). After discussing the risks of starting in cold and rain for over an hour, it was decided to let the timers go back to bed .... After they had left, the rain stopped and the race could be started. Our guest Richard volunteered to do the time recording together with Wilma. Participants could not even be stopped by angry dog owners who felt offended by our fast bikers.