October Time Trial (10k No. 165)

Our timers Karina and Chuck had to do without Norbert's help today because he decided to try the 10k himself this time. Good news for Charlie, Cristina, Doreen and Maria who set up a new PR, bad news for poor Graeme who pulled a muscle during the race, welcome to Steven, Lisa and Vesna who joined us for the first time. The VICRunners Cup 2000 is more or less decided: Jalil, Gulab and Hiro will win the cups and will run for places 1 - 3 in our Annual Run; Cristina will win the cup for the 1st place, places 2 and 3 will go to Maria or Maria-Julia.

RunnerOrgGenderTimePaceLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Cup points
1Steve BRATTM38:553:5812:3113:1913:0525
2Abdeljalil FATHIM39:224:0112:3113:1913:3222
3Charles WISEM39:314:0112:3513:3113:2520
4Hiroyasu ITOM42:334:2012:4614:4215:0518
5Petr PAVLICEKM43:244:2513:5614:5514:3316
6Lars-Erik LUNDSGAARDM45:004:3514:1515:3115:1415
7Steven FLITTONM45:264:3813:5815:1916:0914
8Thomas DOLANM46:104:4214:1415:5116:0513
9Adi CHVOJKAM47:014:4714:1416:2016:2712
10G√ľnter WONISCHM47:494:5215:1016:3816:0111
11Yoshio MATSUKIM48:014:5315:2116:3116:0910
12Nathalie ATGERF53:585:3016:4818:4718:2325
13Cristina VILAPLANA MILLAF54:395:3417:1118:5218:3622
14Norbert ASCHENBRENNERM55:375:4017:3019:3418:339
15Doreen BUTTIGIEGF55:535:4217:3519:1019:0820
16Maria PETRAKF56:175:4418:4518:4818:4418
17Frances BOYLEF56:555:4817:2419:3319:5816
18Mike BELLM59:586:0718:2720:4620:458
19Maria-Julia BARRIONUEVOF1:09:097:0321:1724:0623:4615
20Graeme HOODM-27:46:40--7
21Hanna RILAKOVICF-18:23--13
22Lisa VILLARDF-19:0219:48-14
23Vesna PETAKOVICF-18:54--12