2nd VIC Games Mile (Mile No. 69)

Thirteen teams registered for the 2nd VICGames ! Many PRs resulted in new entries in the mile top 100 list. Beate is the second lady in VICRunners' history to run a mile under 6 minutes. Very strong: CTBTO Men_s middle distance specialists _ will they be able to defend the lead on Thursday ? Nada could not make it today, but will join her team in the 10k run. Please check the team rating at the bottom of this table.

RunnerOrgGenderTimePaceCup points
1Robert ZISCHGM5:183:1825
2Abdeljalil FATHIM5:193:1922
3Harald KÖGLERM5:273:2420
4Marco VERPELLIM5:333:2818
5Andrea CAVINAM5:423:3316
6Pierre LEGOUXM5:443:3515
7Frank GRAEBERM5:493:3814
8Gerald DEMEULESM5:523:4013
9Bernhard EIDKUMM5:553:4112
10Milan DEMKOM5:553:4111
11Mario VILLAGRAN HERRERAM5:583:4310
12Beate EYSINGERF5:583:4325
13Panchi CLAURE-IBARRAM5:593:449
14Koby YELLINM6:013:458
15Leendert COLIJNM6:013:457
16Malik DERROUGHM6:113:516
17Iouri STOLIARSKIM6:223:585
18Dieter SCHMIDTM6:244:004
19Alain RIALHEM6:344:063
20Eusebio MENDOZA ARAPAM6:344:062
21Andrea REISMANNF6:384:0822
22Anil KUMARM6:384:081
23Günter WONISCHM6:394:091
24Bob WILLIAMSM6:394:091
25Stefan LACKNERM6:434:111
26Ferdinand GRIMMM6:464:131
27Thomas DOLANM6:524:171
28Adi CHVOJKAM6:554:191
29Claudio CARDENAS-FIGUEROAM6:554:191
30Piergiorgio BARBARICHM7:014:231
31Teresia NGUURIF7:024:2320
32Daniela PANZENBOECKF7:084:2718
33Cristina VILAPLANA MILLAF7:234:3616
34Wilma KAPFERF7:244:3715
35Joyce BARBARICHF7:264:3814
36Maria PETRAKF7:404:4713
37Anne MEEHANF7:544:5612
38Wafa AYOUBF8:115:0611
39Julienne KADSONDOF9:506:0810